The Ollie & Ella Collection

The Ollie & Ella collection is all about bold colours and fun and funky prints. We wanted to move away from plain greys and navies and add some pops of colour to help you find your happy place!

Versatility and organisation are also key, so our bags are spacious, practical, hard-wearing and come with a set of 12 labels for your inside pockets so you'll always know exactly where the essentials are. Check out our five star reviews to find out what other parents love about each bag.

A range of exclusive designs

The surface pattern of each bag in the Ollie & Ella collection has been designed exclusively for us by some super-talented independent designers, so you won’t see these patterns anywhere else. We really wanted to move away from the more ‘traditional’ baby bag colours and, instead, go for bold, punchy, vibrant hues (find out why here) and we’ve had so much fun finding ideas and inspiration on Instagram. It’s also where we found two of our brand-new designers. Thanks Instagram!

Unique Pocket Labelling System

As mums we all have our own unique way of doing things, so your bag will come with a set of 12 different labels. Made from durable and waterproof material, they have a visual on one side and a word on the other so you can choose the one you prefer.

Pop them into the little windows above each pocket so you can organise your bag just the way you want it. As your baby grows and her needs change (for example, when she starts on solids) you can then swap the labels for new ones. When you have finished using the labels, if you pop them back to us in an envelope, we will return them to our supplier for recycling.