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Coral Reef

When Rach and Jude were backpacking down the East Coast of Australia (before husbands, kids, cats and mortgages) we were lucky enough to go diving off the Great Barrier Reef. The fish! The colours! A whole other world! It was amazing. We love this pattern which has been created for us by the very talented Laura C. Moyer.

Product Details:

Outer shell fabric: 100% Tentex polyester
Inner lining: 100% polyester (water-resistant)
6 x elasticated inside pockets
4 x elasticated outside pockets
1 x foldable changing mat
1 x set of stroller clips
1 x padded shoulder strap

Product Dimensions: 40cm x 32cm x 16cm

Taking care of your bag

To clean your bag, sponge down the outside with warm (but not too hot) water. The inner lining is water resistant but will need to be given a wipe down in the case of serious spillages (leaky bottle or baby food spillages, for example). Leave your bag to air/dry completely before using it again. Do not put your bag in the washing machine.

Tentex is a super strong and durable material and your bag will hold quite a lot of stuff! However, it has not been designed to carry very heavy items like laptops and overloading it could cause tears and/or damage to the straps.

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